New Solo Bass Video: Oh Give Thanks (Gospel)

I have actively been playing Gospel for a few years now. I always loved the rich harmonies and melodies that this beautiful and powerful kind of music has.

i feel grateful that I have learned so much by playing Gospel in the past 3 years. I believe that most occidental modern styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop, have a background in Gospel church music.
Gospel is all about feeling and that is something that I treasure in music.

The story behind this arrangement is that a few weeks ago I played this song by ear at a church, and the melody of it kept ringing in my ears for quite a few days, I came up with an arrangement without even knowing the title of it. So I ended up singing the melody to my phone, with an application that recognizes songs, that’s how I knew the song was called “Oh Give Thanks”.

Thanks to you all!!

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  1. Kat Degel says:

    Amazing man, so original and expressive! How did I know you were a Berklee kid too? perfection!

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