New Solo Bass Video: My One and Only Love

Jazz Standard ‘My One and Only Love’ is one of those songs that caught my attention instantly when, many years ago, I listened to it for the first time. Throughout my career I have played this ballad numerous times in different jazz settings but never by myself before.

Written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin, this tune features a very lyrical melody that ascends gorgeously in counterpoint with a descending bass line.

My philosophy in music consists of letting the song teach me how to listen, how to feel, and how to play it.
This tune’s wide musical range opened up many possibilities when I was arranging it, allowing me to play around the colors (tensions) of the harmony by creating chromatic counterpoint lines between the melody and the bass lines.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as well as I enjoyed playing it – so far this is one of my favorite ones of the solo bass arrangements that I have been sharing on Youtube.

Please download the Mp3 of this video for free at the following link:
My One and Only Love Mp3 – Click Here

Stay in tune for more solo bass videos coming soon!!



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