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Mar 2012 27

I have been transcribing, analyzing and then transferred to the bass guitar some of the songs that I really like in the Argentinian modern songbook.

This is a song by the great Fito Paez, called “Ambar Violeta”.

I hope you like it!

Stay tuned for more music coming up!


Dec 2011 17

So… I just got a new Hofner Bass!!

I must admit that when I got the package on my hands I rushed to open it, with the same excitement of a 5 year-old kid opening a birthday present.

-It was a Hofner Beatle bass! – The same one that I use to stare on my parents vinyl records when I would listen to those eternal Beatles songs for hours.

I spent a good amount of time today just enjoying playing it – I discovered it is a pretty and versatile instrument, sounds amazing and it feels at home in my hands.

Soon after I recorded a video in tribute to my very first influence on the bass, Sir Paul McCartney.

For the first time I let my Sukop basses take a minute break for a Solo Bass video and I recorded “Yesterday” with my brand new Hofner.

You can watch it at the link below.




Jul 2011 19

I was probably 6 or 7 years old when my parents bought the album ‘Giros’ by Fito Paez. I remember having the feeling that some of the songs sounded pretty obscure and others sounded great to my perception as a kid. At that time I particularly liked ‘Cable a Tierra’ (I already arranged it for Solo Bass) and this one, D.L.G.

I re-discovered this song about 2 days ago when I was listening to many songs from the great Fito Paez. I listened to it over 30 times probably and instantly arranged it for bass.

I hope you enjoy it!
You can download the mp3 of this video for free at the following link: (LINK!)

All the best,


Jun 2011 30

I have actively been playing Gospel for a few years now. I always loved the rich harmonies and melodies that this beautiful and powerful kind of music has.

i feel grateful that I have learned so much by playing Gospel in the past 3 years. I believe that most occidental modern styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop, have a background in Gospel church music.
Gospel is all about feeling and that is something that I treasure in music.

The story behind this arrangement is that a few weeks ago I played this song by ear at a church, and the melody of it kept ringing in my ears for quite a few days, I came up with an arrangement without even knowing the title of it. So I ended up singing the melody to my phone, with an application that recognizes songs, that’s how I knew the song was called “Oh Give Thanks”.

Thanks to you all!!

Jun 2011 11

Jazz Standard ‘My One and Only Love’ is one of those songs that caught my attention instantly when, many years ago, I listened to it for the first time. Throughout my career I have played this ballad numerous times in different jazz settings but never by myself before.

Written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin, this tune features a very lyrical melody that ascends gorgeously in counterpoint with a descending bass line.

My philosophy in music consists of letting the song teach me how to listen, how to feel, and how to play it.
This tune’s wide musical range opened up many possibilities when I was arranging it, allowing me to play around the colors (tensions) of the harmony by creating chromatic counterpoint lines between the melody and the bass lines.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as well as I enjoyed playing it – so far this is one of my favorite ones of the solo bass arrangements that I have been sharing on Youtube.

Please download the Mp3 of this video for free at the following link:
My One and Only Love Mp3 – Click Here

Stay in tune for more solo bass videos coming soon!!



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