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Mar 2012 07

I don’t ever get tired of talking about this amazing musician, who also happens to be one of my best friends.

We started playing together at our High School band, over 15 years back now, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Ever since then our paths have been connected; we both attended a College of Music in Argentina (EMC), then Berklee College of Music and finally moved to New York together.

Percussionist Marcelo Woloski and I have played in the most varied musical styles and settings, such as South American Music, Rock, Folk, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Celtic and Gamelan to name a few. We also traveled the world to places such as Hawaii, France, Scotland, Netherlands and all across the United States.

Here it is our latest project, an original bass and percussion duet that features both rhythm and melodies coming from both instruments!

Please listen to the links below, there will be more to come soon!

Jun 2011 30

Eva Cortes is a wonderful and unique Jazz singer from Spain who has a special flamenco background.

I have worked with her several times in New York. Our latest video was shot on a live show at Covo in Manhattan.
Percussionist Marcelo Woloski (Gloria Estefan, Fernando Otero) and guitarist Eric Kurimski (Eva Ayllon).

On the featured video we are performing a Spanish version of the Jazz Standard ‘You don’t know what love is” – Guitar, Bass and percussion solos on the video!
You can also watch it in High Definition on Youtube.


Jun 2011 01

I’m really glad to be a member of one of the hottest Latin Ensembles in New York, the Gregorio Uribe Big Band.

I have been playing with this group since its beginnings in Boston for over 4 years now, when singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, showman, entrepreneur and band-leader Gregorio Uribe had the great idea of creating a different music project; a big band that would have the drive like the famous Jazz and Latin orchestras from the Golden Era of Swing, but with a modern twist.

The band features some of the most amazing musicians in the New York scene, professionals who are as well on tour with the likes of Marcus Miller, Harry Connick Jr, Richard Bona and Saturday Night Live Band, to name a few. Gregorio’s unlimited talent has brought the band to stages such as Iridium Jazz Club, Zinc Bar, Fat Cat, Salem Jazz Festival, Encounter of Colombian Musicians in New York, and in Television appearances such as Univision and CNN.

I constantly learn from Gregorio’s wisdom as a band-leader, musician and as a friend as well. I look forward to the bright future that this band has ahead!

Gregorio Uribe Big Band has a residency show the first Thursday of every month at famous jazz club Zinc Bar.

Bellow is a link to our version of Redemption Song. This video has been featured on Bob Marley’s official Facebook Page, hitting over 40.000 views on one day!! Enjoy!

May 2011 31

Eva Cortes is one of my favorite singers. Native from Honduras and raised in Sevilla, Spain her singing is a true expression of the Flamenco and Jazz worlds combined together in a fantastic way.

She has played and recorded with outstanding bass players such as Hadrien Feraud and Alain Perez. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play with her as well. In this case, we recorded some videos of us playing duets of some of our favorite songs!

Stay tuned to several upcoming shows that I will be playing with Eva Cortes in July 2011 in New York City and in Providence !!

May 2011 31

I’m glad to be playing with this amazing band lead by multi-Grammy winner drummer Mark Walker (Paquito D’ Rivera, Oregon). This band features an all Berklee College of Music faculty personnel (well, with the exception of myself!) that includes guitarist Tim Miller, percussionists Ernesto Diaz and Marcus Santos, singer Aubrey Johnson, saxophonist Dan Ian Smith, pianist Rebecca Cline and organist Dave Limina.

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