New group, new videos! —playing some classic songs from Argentina

New group, new videos! —playing some classic songs from Argentina

Video links:   Video shot and edited by my brother, Diego Rotmistrovsky (Locomotorafilms). Audio recording by Soundmac ( Recorded in

July 22, 2012
Playing with Gonzalo Aloras!

Gonzalo Aloras is one of the most creative and outstanding artists nowadays. He is an incredible composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist

July 21, 2012
Download our new album with Atahualpa Band

Proud to announce that our album with Atahualpa Band is out and you can download for free! —Folkloric Music from

June 10, 2012
Review de Upbeat (por Elena Otero Valdés) [In Spanish]

Gracias Elena Otero Valdés por el profundo review que escribiste de mi disco, Upbeat. Ella es peruana, mexicana, residente argentina.

June 4, 2012
Charlas musicales. Nuevo blog (en Español)

Comparto con ustedes, algunos textos que son parte de diferentes conversaciones, ideas y demás misterios que fui recolectando en mis

May 31, 2012
Tour to Colombia

Ever since I first moved to New York —in 2007— I have played many different styles, but I must say

May 30, 2012
Percussion and bass duets with Marcelo Woloski

Marcelo Woloski  and I recently recorded a few videos featuring a percussion instrument from Africa called Calabash and my Hofner

May 26, 2012
Voice, bass & Percussion — Trio music with Eva Cortes & Marcelo Woloski

A few months ago, Marcelo and I played with Spanish singer Eva Cortés for the first time and we felt

May 25, 2012
Featured at All Bass No Treble!

I would like to thanks the editors at No Treble for featuring my music once again. In this case they

May 24, 2012
‘Hard day’s night’ by The Beatles —bass cover of the full album

A few weeks ago I had this crazy idea of learning the songs of a whole album and recording it

May 14, 2012
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