A new Bass, an old passion (Hofner!)

So… I just got a new Hofner Bass!!

I must admit that when I got the package on my hands I rushed to open it, with the same excitement of a 5 year-old kid opening a birthday present.

-It was a Hofner Beatle bass! – The same one that I use to stare on my parents vinyl records when I would listen to those eternal Beatles songs for hours.

I spent a good amount of time today just enjoying playing it – I discovered it is a pretty and versatile instrument, sounds amazing and it feels at home in my hands.

Soon after I recorded a video in tribute to my very first influence on the bass, Sir Paul McCartney.

For the first time I let my Sukop basses take a minute break for a Solo Bass video and I recorded “Yesterday” with my brand new Hofner.

You can watch it at the link below.




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