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May 2012 11

A few months ago I decided to organize a creative contest. I received some great reviews and representations of my debut album ‘Upbeat’

This video clip by Ariel Acentares, Laura Bermejo and Pol Peñaloza was the creative work awarded with a fretless vintage bass.

I think it is a great work of art; the photography and the way the story line follows the music really impressed me.


May 2012 11

Online bass guitar and music lessons on Skype! / Clases de bajo y de música online en Skype.

If interested, contact me at / Interesados contactarme en:

May 2012 14

A few weeks ago I had this crazy idea of learning the songs of a whole album and recording it on video.

I have to say that it was a great learning experience and a great opportunity to make music with my Hofner Bass.

The bass lines that I played are improvised based on Paul McCartney’s ones, not a transcription.

You can listen to the whole album clicking on the link below [select “play all”]:

May 2012 24

I would like to thanks the editors at No Treble for featuring my music once again.

In this case they shared a recently recorded video of ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles that I played along with my brother in music, Marcelo Woloski.

They are right in what they say: I am a huge fan of the Fab Four.

Please visit the link, comment and share it!


May 2012 25

A few months ago, Marcelo and I played with Spanish singer Eva Cortés for the first time and we felt the connection was almost like magic!

Ever since we have been looking for the opportunity to play music in this non-conventional format (voice, bass & percussion)

Below you can find a few videos of us playing together. I hope you like it.

There will be more to come soon!



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