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Feb 2012 07

After watching “A great day in Harlem”, an interesting documentary about the famous picture that portraits many of the great Jazz musicians in New York in the late 50’s, I started a modest quest to find that same location where the event took place.

I have lived in Harlem for over 4 years now and for a long time I wondered how that building would look nowadays, or if it even still existed. I was just very curious, so took my camera and started wondering around the area!

Without the actual address information I spent a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to recognize the building. I then started browsing pictures on Google with my phone, trying to find more information and found a more recent image of the location that someone uploaded, and after zooming the building number I found the address: 17 East 126th!

I found the building and spent some time just looking at it and taking pictures. Below you can find one of the way the building looks nowadays:

The building looks actually pretty similar to how it looked back in 1958.

When I got home I immediately started doodling on Photoshop mixing those 2 pictures together. I finally came up with a collage that gives us a more modern point of view of that famous Jazz picture, here it is:

All of you who live in New York or are just visiting, visit that location to experience a piece of history!

Feb 2012 28
A track of ‘Upbeat’ -my debut album- was used in a video-slide show by Bass MusicianMagazine. Featuring the ‘bass view’ of the recent winter Namm show!
-What an honor! 

The track is entitled ‘Alone Together’ and features Evgeny Lebedev on piano, Marcelo Woloski on percussion and myself on bass guitar.

More info about the album at: http://andresrotmistrovsky.com/my-new-album-is-out/

Video link below.


Feb 2012 28

December 27th was a good day for me, and today after 2 months of the release of ‘Upbeat’, my debut album,  I can gladly say that I am very close to running out of physical copies of the CD!

Even though the digital album can be found on Itunes, Cd Baby and Amazon Mp3 (detailed links below), some people have preferred the option of purchasing the album directly from me -which, I must say, has truly been a great experience to connect directly with the listeners and supporters of my music.

So far, I have shipped the album to Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India, Singapore, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Sweden and to several places in the U.S.

There are only 15 copies of the CD left and I will give away a vintage fretless bass to the person who purchases directly from me (not from CD baby, Itunes or Amazon!) and sends me the most creative review or representation of the album. By ‘Most creative’ I mean that: no boundaries in content or format. I will pick the review or representation that shines by its creativity.

If you wish to participate -there are not so many people participating as of now, so there are good odds for you!- contact me at: andresrotmistrovsky@gmail.com and we can arrange the transaction. To participate in the contest the CD costs US$ 17 (this includes worldwide shipping) – payment can be made via Paypal, Credit/Debit card, Moneygram or Western Union. Contest ends on March 31st 2012 at 11:59pm (EST).

Info at this video:

Win the Fretless vintage bass from the video – Contest description (English/Español)

The contest will end by March 31st, 2012
I will pick the most original and creative review or representation, and that person will get the bass.
-Shipping expenses of the bass are covered by the person who wins it. –
Only 15 copies left!

Si quisieras ganarte el bajo fretless vintage del video, tienes que comprar el álbum a través mio (no de Cd Baby, Itunes o Amazon mp3), sólo contactame a: andresrotmistrovsky@gmail.com
Lo estoy vendiendo por US$17 (via Paypal, tarjeta de crédito o débito, o Western Union/Money Gram). Este precio incluye el envío internacional a todo el mundo, y la posibilidad de participar en el concurso para ganarte el bajo.
La persona que gane, será la que me envié la crítica o representación más creativa del álbum – ésto da lugar a cualquier idea, no es concurso literario o de análisis musical. La persona que gane el bajo, será la que envíe el review o representación que más brille por su creatividad (ésto está abierto a cualquier formato).

El concurso terminará el 31 de Marzo de 2012.
-Los costos de envío del bajo a la ubicación de la persona ganadora, serán a cargo de ésta misma-
Sólo quedan 15 copias del disco!

The following are the links to buy it digitally (NOT PART OF THE CONTEST BUT STILL APPRECIATED)

Cd Baby
Amazon Mp3

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